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Most of these are websites i just found useful and pretty cool.If you find that one of the links dont work let me know :) :)

it wasnt easy to make and took quite a while


·         Cookie in a mug ( I loooove this recipe)

·         Brownie in a mug

·         Pretty cool Harry Potter recipes

·         Mac and cheese in a mug


·         Drawing poses

·         Drawing hands

·         Drawing more hands

·         Drawing profiles

·         Drawing clothes

·         Drawing braids (this really helped me!)

·         Drawing hair

·         Drawing noses

·         Man waist vs women’s waist

·         Drawing different body types

·         Drawing different hair type

·         Painting skin tones


·         Amazon

·         This is like a cheap etsy

·         Mega cheap books with free shipping

·         Everything you never knew you wanted

·         Find clothes that your favorite characters have worn

·         This person on etsy has lots of badass things


·         Watch literally any movie or show

·         Loads of tv shows

·         Loads of movies


·         Fishtail braid

·         Messy bun

·         Braided headband

·         6 ways to wear scarfs in your hair

·         Pin curls (used to do these a ton)

·         Braided pony

·         8 ways to wear a bow

·         Many quick hair styles (zoella)

·         This is my favorite youtube channel for no heat curls


·         Temporary tattoos

·         Lip balm

·         Sidewalk chalk

·         Make a cool magazine picture thing

·         Make your own charger

·         Washer necklace

·         Dye easter eggs with shaving cream

·         Make a cool art thing

·         An orange candle

·         Make glue armaments


·         Quick story idea generator

·         Full story idea generator

·         Character idea generator

·         List of eye colors

·         34 writing tips from authors

·         50 free resources to help improve writing skills

·         Name generator (or you could just go to a baby name website)

·         Types of crying

·         Cant find a word?

·         HUGE masterpost of writing links!!!!!


·         Life tips

·         Life tips for college

·         Life tips for lazy people

·         99 life hacks to make your life easier


·         How to apply eyeliner

·         How to apply blush

·         6 makeup tips

·         Winged eyeliner tutorial

·         How to do your makeup with a spoon

·         How to apply eyeshadow

·         Natural beauty remedies

·         A guide to eyeliner

·         Ombre eyeliner

·         What makeup complements my complexion?

·         What makeup suits you?

·         Lipstick tricks


·         Break something

·         Cute games

·         Press a button and make everything okay

·         Watch a dream

·         Go on a stickman adventure

·         Here is a live kitten feed

·         Here is a live puppy feed

·         Logic puzzle

·         20 questions

·         Play tetris

·         Play shuffle

·         Type in your tumblr URL or anything really

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